Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Translation agencies: apart from the words

Many times the value of a work of translation goes beyond words because we are not only talking about translation, speak of complete solution and this is what the translation as Traviatta companies strive to offer: SOLUTIONS.

In translations Traviatta our native translators are responsible for analyzing, reviewing, convert, transcribe, extract, edit... the project files we receive in order to offer a final translation result with aidentical appearance or the closest possible to the original.
No matter if we speak a Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, In-design presentation, tags... we have skilled personnel to carry out the work of editing and software, regardless of the translation, in order to offer the best result in content, form and time.
Any alteration of the original format, is consulted previously with the customer to reach a consensus on the expectations of the end result. This can happen for example in presentations in Power point when language goal contains more text than the source language (English > Spanish).
Sometimes a translation post-editing work can carry an envelope added cost but well worth taking that cost by saving time, effort and resources.
All the post-editing work are also checked again to make sure that spelling mistakes are not made as a result of the editing and layout (hyphens in words separate, capital letters and lowercase titles, accents...).
Don't waste time on finding alternatives to editable documents to translate, call us because we are sure that we have a solution.